EPA Network Interest group on Citizen Science

The Interest Group on Citizen Science (IGCS) brings together environmental protection agencies' (EPA) experts with an interest in citizen science

EPA Network interest group on Citizen Science

The IGCS works to improve the understanding and use of citizen science within environmental policy and governance, particularly by

  • assessing the influence and impact of citizen science in national and EU-level policies,
  • sharing practical examples of citizen science projects, infrastructure, tools and networks

The work programme of the IGCS, which includes our mandate, our priority working areas and our ways of working, can be found here

Recent work

Best practice and experience sharing

IGCS follows closely the European and national policy discussions and processes related to Citizen Science in order to consolidate “best practices” documents and share strategic insights with the Heads of EPAs during plenary meetings.

IGCS meets regularly and exchanges knowledge and experiences on practical examples of citizen science and good practices within EPAs. Persons affiliated with EPAs are welcome to join the group as members; others we welcome as observers to the meetings.


Current members of IGCS are representatives from EPAs in the following countries (including relevant links):

And the European Environment Agency (EEA).

IGCS is currently co-chaired by Jose Rubio Iglesias (EEA) and Maria Ojanen (Finnish Environment Institute).

For more information, please contact the group through our functional mailbox epa-citizenscience@eea.europa.eu