reports and letters

Gene drive Organisms (IG GMOs)

March 2020: This technical report from the joint ENCA and EPA Network Interest group on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) delineates the potential implications of the use of Gene Drive Organisms (GDO) on the environment, including nature conservation, and addresses the uncertainties linked to gene drive applications. The report also analyses the challenges GDOs will pose to the environmental risk assessment, post-release monitoring and risk management.

Littering (IG Plastics)

March 2020: In this discussion paper endorsed by 8 EPAs, the EPA Network Interest group on Plastics underlines the need to develop a common European understanding of the term “littering” to enable comparison of quantities, define mitigation measures, and distinguish littering from other sources of litter in the environment.

Response DG ENV on IG GMOs report

May 2020: The letter is a response from DG ENV on the technical report on gene drive organisms from the Interest group on GMOs (March 2020).

Recommendations on 2nd EU Adaptation Strategy (IG CCA)

September 2020: This letter, sent to Director-General Raffaele Mauro Petriccione in DG CLIMA, includes recommendations from the EPA Network Interest group on Climate Change and Adaptation (IG CCA) on the second EU Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

Letter in support of Ukrainian colleagues

The Heads of Environmental Protection Agencies in Europe (EPA Network) expressed support and solidarity to Ukrainian colleagues after Russia's invasion in February 2022, in this letter sent to the Ministry of energy and environment protection and the Mission of Ukraine to the European Union.