Workspace (networking tools and services)

Disclaimer: The content in this page is under revision and will be updated to reflect changes in EEA and Eionet, as result of the implementation of EEA-Eionet Strategy.

Eionet Forum

The Eionet Forum offers groups within Eionet (and beyond) a space for networking and document sharing. The spaces for groups are referred to as Interest Groups (IG). Some IGs are accessible (to view and download content) without authentication. Other IGs are open only to members and require login with an Eionet account.

The Eionet Forum website IGs for the groups under formal cooperation within Eionet (the NFP/Eionet group, the European Topic Centres and the Eionet groups), the Management Board and the Scientific Committee as well as some long-term activities.

Eionet in the countries

Eionet in the countries (restricted to logged in users) provides an overview per country of Eionet organisations and persons in the Eionet User Directory, as well as an overview of recent data deliveries per country.

The NFPs maintain the information about Eionet groups and data reporters in their countries.

NFP administration tool (restricted to NFPs)

Eionet Projects

Eionet Projects is a twin website to the Eionet Forum that includes IGs for short and medium term projects and activities. 

Eionet User Directory

The Directory is a hierarchical catalog of the users who have access to the various Eionet tools and information sources. Users who are logged in on this site can search the User Directory for members and organisations and navigate through the Directory by roles (or by country, see above):

The hierarchy has four top roles:

  • EEA (including for example EEA staff, Management Board and Scientific Committee members)
  • Eionet (including for example the National Focal Points, the European Topic Centres and the Eionet groups)
  • Reportnet (a role also referred to as Reporters, including national users who actively use the Reportnet tools to deliver data)
  • Extranet (various other users who have access to some Eionet tools and services)

Eionet Planner

The Eionet Planner provides an overview of the EEA activities and products requiring inputs from Eionet and/or of general interest for Eionet members. The Planner currently includes information about Eionet meetings and EEA governance meetings, launch dates of EEA products, Eionet consultations on upcoming products and the reporting of EEA member countries of data to EEA and beyond. The Planner is updated continually throughout the year.

Eionet mail archive ("role mails")

The Eionet role mails service provides access to all emails sent to the mailing lists of the members of the NFPs, ETCs and NRCs roles in the Eionet User Directory (only accessible by the members of these roles and EEA staff)